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Made In Jewelry is a handcrafted line, by Lana Nikolenko, based on cast objects found through voyage and exploration. In 1992, Lana Nikolenko immigrated to the US from Kyiv, Ukraine — a journey that ignited her lifelong passion for travel and transformation. Inspired by found and reclaimed objects she discovers on her travels, her work strives to capture the excitement of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures in uniquely memorable and wearable works of art.

Lana searches on beaches, nature hikes, artisan markets and antique stores throughout Central and South America to find pieces that would reflect her lines' aesthetic. From her finds, Lana has molded real sea urchins, pine cones, arrowheads, scorpions, and iguana claws, to name a few. These artifacts of nature are then cast in high-quality brass, and are later deconstructed and reconstructed to create contemporary jewelry with eclectic charm.

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